New England Motor Press Association — Year at a Glance

January        Winter Vehicle evaluations continue; regular meeting

February      Winter Vehicle Test Day

March            Regular Meeting

April               Regular Meeting

May                  MIT Tech Conference; Annual General Meeting & Awards Banquet

June                Regular Meeting

July                  Ragtop Ramble & Crustacean Crawl

August            Regular Meeting

September     Regular Meeting

October           Regular Meeting

November      Winter Vehicle evaluations begin; regular meeting

December      Holiday party; Winter Vehicle evaluations continue.

  • Regular meetings are usually on the second Tuesday of each month.
  • Special meetings take place throughout the year.
  • The legendary Ragtop Ramble & Crustacean Crawl is a top-down (weather permitting) ride & drive cruise that starts at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum, in Brookline, Massachusetts, and wends its way north to Kennebunkport, Maine, where members and guests enjoy the Colony Hotel’s famous lobster luncheon. The event begins the evening prior, with a Boston Harbor dinner cruise. This is NEMPA’s annual thank-you to automakers and their PR people for what they do on our behalf all year long, and it has become a don’t-miss-it occasion.
  • For more information, to schedule a NEMPA gathering, or to submit vehicles for the Ragtop Ramble or the various award competitions, contact John Lawlor, Events Coordinator, at [email protected] or 508-378-3023.