NEMPA Awards

  • Each year the New England Motor Press Association recognizes excellence by bestowing a number of awards upon cars and light trucks, automotive technologies and designs, and individuals (executives, public-relations people and other automotive professionals). Winners are selected by the vote of the regular members.
  • Two NEMPA honors, the Yankee Cup and the Ritvo (see below), are conferred with input from the Larz Anderson Auto Museum, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Other awards reflect the unique demographic or other regional characteristics of New England and its 14.5 million residents.
  • Award-winning vehicles need not be new to the market, and vehicles may win more than once.
  • Not every award is presented each year; and special one-off awards may be created for an unusual vehicle or person.
  • Awards are presented at NEMPA’s annual general meeting and banquet, held in May at MIT.
  • Past winners are archived on this Website.
  • For more information about NEMPA’s award program, please contact John Paul.

The Executive of the Year

  • Presented to an automotive industry leader for his or her outstanding personal performance, one that benefits New England.

The Camel’s Back Award

  • Presented to a member of the automotive public-relations corps who has consistently and with good humor and genuine helpfulness risen to NEMPA’s often untimely and burdensome requests, rather than allowing them to be the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back.”

The Charles E. Dole High Road Award

  • Presented to an automotive professional who has emulated the enterprise, collegiality, helpfulness, integrity and good will that marked the career of Charlie Dole, for many years the automotive columnist for the Christian Science Monitor and dean of the New England automotive press corps.

The Ritvo Memorial Design & Elegance Award

  • Selected in conjunction with the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Larz Anderson Auto Museum, this award honors the best in automotive design. It is named for the late Gene Ritvo, a NEMPA member and veteran Concours photographer who had an unusually keen eye for elegant design.

The Yankee Cup Technology Award

  • Selected with input from experts at MIT, the Yankee Cup goes to an automotive feature or system that significantly enhances the motoring experience, whether by making driving safer, more cost-efficient or simply more enjoyable.

The Yankee Value Award

  • Presented to the vehicle that best exemplifies the hardy New England spirit of understated perseverance.

Favorite Fun Entry-Level Convertible

Favorite Convertible $35,000-$50,000

Favorite Luxury Convertible

Best Alternative Fuel/Diesel Vehicle

Winter Vehicle of New England Awards

  • Vehicles selected by NEMPA as “best for winter driving in New England” are those that offer a combination of winter-specific features and options plus the dynamic qualities that make for safe, enjoyable and competent all-weather driving. One is selected as the Official Winter Vehicle of New England; Best in Class awards are also given out:

Best Luxury Winter Vehicle

Best Winter Sports Car

Best Extreme Winter Vehicle

Best in Class—Premium All-Weather Sedan/Wagon

Best in Class—All-Weather Sedan/Wagon $25,000-$40,000

Best in Class—All-Weather Sedan/Wagon under $25,000

Best in Class—All-Weather Pickup Truck

Best In Class—Compact Sport utility Vehicle/Crossover

Best in Class—Sport Utility Vehicle/Crossover over $28,000

Best In Class—Sport Utility Vehicle/Crossover over $40,000

Best In Class—Hybrid Sport Utility Vehicle

Best In Class—Premium Sport Utility Vehicle/Crossover