The Garage


For special presentations to the New England media, carmakers hire the Automotion garage or the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. They are highly cost-effective places for “personalized” vehicle launches, introductions of new technology, or simply to meet and interact with NEMPA.

The Automotion Garage

NEMPA members gather around a Buick LaCrosse in the large service area at Automotion. (A 1931 Buick Roadster, brought in for the occasion, provides color.)

2012 Buick Mike Danowski 2

Buick Product Manager Mike Danowski goes over a cutaway of the Verano in the Automotion service bay.

2013 Pathfinder

NEMPA got acquainted with the new Pathfinder in one of Automotion’s showrooms.


The Automotion ‘museum’ features many automotive treats, such as President Lyndon Johnson’s limousine, the ’55 Cadillac Fleetwood from The Godfather, Click & Clack’s fabled MG roadster and this ’66 Vette.

The Ritvo Wall

The Ritvo wall at Automotion. The photos were taken by the late Gene Ritvo, NEMPA veteran and acclaimed Concours photographer memorialized in the annual Ritvo Award for Design & Elegance.

The Malt Shoppe

The Malt Shoppe, with its marble soda fountain and juke box, is perfect for smaller gatherings. Next to it is the antique general store and penny-candy counter.

2011 Chevy Volt 1

Chevrolet introduced the Volt to the New England Motor Press Association behind closed doors at Automotion.


Larger groups can be accommodated in the service bay, even for sit-down dinners and multi-vehicle presentations.

The Automotion Garage, Middleborough, Massachusetts—

  •  Easy access—just 10 minutes off Rte. 495 at Exit 4.
  • Within easy reach of most NEMPA media members
  • 14,000 square feet, heated
  • Three separate display areas, one movable car lift
  • Wi-Fi
  • Catering options
  • Seating for groups as small as a dozen and as large as 150 people
  • Ample space for loading and unloading transporters

Contact John Lawlor at 508-378-3023 or at [email protected].


The Larz Anderson Auto Museum

For events that demand a more formal setting, NEMPA recommends the Larz Anderson Auto Museum, home to America’s oldest car collection, in Brookline, Massachusetts.

at larz

The three-acre lawn at Larz Anderson is the staging area for NEMPA’s annual Ragtop Ramble & Crustacean Crawl. Since the turn of the 20th Century, LAAM has hosted picnics, concerts, parties and many other special events.


The galleries in LAAM’s Carriage House, built in 1888, make a fine display area for cars and can seat as many as 150 people for dinner.