Maverick Consequential For Ford

By Tim Plouff Drivers of a certain age will remember when, and how, Toyota and then-named Datsun, gained their toe-hold in the American automotive market. It was 1968 and two tiny pickups appeared first in California, but soon swept across the country as these compact, rear-drive, econo-box pick-em-ups created more than a niche category. The […]

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2022 Mazda3_rear_nocredit

A Great Maine Drive: The Airline Road

By Tim Plouff State Route #9 crisscrosses Maine from the New Hampshire border all the way to New Brunswick in the east. Yet the best driving part is the 90 miles winding from Brewer and the mighty Penobscot River in Central Maine, through northern Hancock and Washington Counties to Baileyville on the St. Croix River […]

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What NEMPA Members Are Driving…

April is now upon us, which means mud season is here in New England, and daylight savings time is in full effect. As usual, NEMPA members are busy racking up miles and forming their impressions of a wide variety of vehicles delivered all across the northeast courtesy of Automotion International. Here’s a brief look at […]

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What NEMPA Members Are Driving….

As winter turns to spring, NEMPA members are enjoying the gradual shift to warmer temperatures and the real hope of putting snow brushes and ice scrapers away for another year. And the cars? Their heated seats and steering wheels will get a rest as moonroofs are cracked open after a long slumber. Unfortunately, it’s also […]

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Broncos For Every Dooryard

By: Tim Plouff  Brett Alexander is not a typical Ford Bronco aficionado. His personaldooryard is full of GM big-Dooley pickup trucks and his summer car is aCamaro SS convertible, while his Ellsworth Maine mechanics shop is brimmingwith every vehicle imaginable–from Subaru’s and Toyota’s to dieselambulances, boxy Volvo wagons and Pantera’s, Brett works on them all.  […]

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