New England Motor Press Association Announces Annual Awards

At its annual awards dinner, held at the NEMPA headquarters in Middleborough, Mass., the New England Motor Press Association announced the winners of its prestigious Winter Vehicle Awards and honored three individuals for their outstanding contributions to the automotive industry.

Ford Motor Company gave the Keynote Presentation highlighting the new Ford Bronco and Maverick Hybrid.

Tim Son Hing, Consumer Marketing Strategy Manager – Bronco tells NEMPA about all about the new Bronco.

Following the keynote presentation, Zack Nakos, Maverick Brand & Product Manager answered questions about the Maverick and then the award presentations began.

“Members of the New England Motor Press Association take great pride in how their point of view is shaped by weather, road conditions and terrain unlike any other market in the country,” said NEMPA President John Paul. “Our Vehicle Awards are won by those vehicles that prove their ability and agility in one of the most densely populated and geographically distinct regions in America.”

Journalists and industry professionals gathered for the award presentations, while Wayne Carini, host of Chasing Classic Cars, was the master of ceremonies.

“We were also pleased to recognize individuals that significantly and diligently contribute to the coverage of the industry,” John Paul explained. “Jessica Tullman, Rhonda Belluso Bambrick, and Lori Scholz were honored this year.”

The 2021 NEMPA Charles E. Dole High Road Award
Jessica Tullman, Subaru of America, Inc.

The Charles E. Dole High Road Award is presented to an automotive professional who typifies the enterprise, collegiality, helpfulness, integrity and good will that marked the career of Charlie Dole, for many years the automotive columnist for the Christian Science Monitor and dean of the New England automotive press corps.  

The 2021 NEMPA Camel’s Back Award

Rhonda Belluso Bambrick, Ford Motor Company

The Camel’s Back Award is presented to a member of the automotive public relations corps who has consistently and with good humor and genuine helpfulness risen to NEMPA’s requests, rather than allowing them to be the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back.”  

The 2021 NEMPA Wicked Good, Above & Beyond Award

Lori Scholz, Hyundai Motor America

The Wicked Good, Above & Beyond Award is given to an automotive public relations professional that has already been honored with the coveted Camel’s Back Award and the Camel’s Back Double Hump Award. This award honors the unwavering dedication and professionalism over decades of service to the NEMPA group. This award is for the PR professional that is “wicked good” at what they do – as they say in New England.

2021 NEMPA Winter Vehicle Awards

Official Winter SUV of New England
Ford Mustang Mach-E

Official Winter Pickup Truck of New England
RAM 1500

Trevor Dorchies of Stallantis proudly accepts the 2021 Official Winter Pickup Truck of New England award given to
RAM 1500

Official Winter Sedan of New England
Genesis G90

Best In Class Winners:

Best in Class Mid-Size Pickup Truck
Jeep Gladiator

Best in Class Full-Size Pickup Truck
Ford F-150 

Best in Class Sub-Compact SUV / Crossover
Mazda CX-30 

Best in Class Compact SUV / Crossover
Toyota RAV4


Best in Class Mid-Size SUV / Crossover
Kia Telluride

John Paul, President of NEMPA give James Bell of Kia the award for the Best in Class Mid-Size SUV / Crossover – the
Kia Telluride

Best in Class Mid-Size SUV / Crossover 

Hyundai Palisade 

Best in Class Full-Size SUV
Chevrolet Suburban 

Best in Class All-Wheel Drive Wagon
Subaru Outback

Best in Class All-Wheel Drive Sedan
Toyota Camry AWD

Best in Class Premium Compact SUV / Crossover
Acura RDX 

Best in Class Premium Mid-Size SUV / Crossover
Genesis GV80

Best in Class Premium Full-Size SUV / Crossover
Lincoln Navigator 

Best in Class Premium All-Wheel Drive Sedan/Wagon
Mercedes-Benz E-Class (E 350 4MATIC)

Best in Class People Mover
Chrysler Pacifica

Best in Class Ultimate All-Wheel Drive Sedan
Rolls-Royce Ghost 

NEMPA Vice President, Clifford Atiyeh checks out the new Ford Maverick.

About the New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA)

The New England Motor Press Association is a united guild of working journalists in six states and a committed partner to every major automaker. NEMPA members, who live among the most densely populated and diverse markets in the country, deliver trusted content to millions of car shoppers in New England and nationally on the internet, radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. For nearly 35 years, NEMPA has played an integral role in the automotive industry with access to vetted, ever-expanding media outlets, exclusive events, and awards that reflect the group’s rigorous vehicle testing and recognition of the people making it all possible. For more information, please visit

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