Broncos For Every Dooryard

By: Tim Plouff 

Brett Alexander is not a typical Ford Bronco aficionado. His personal
dooryard is full of GM big-Dooley pickup trucks and his summer car is a
Camaro SS convertible, while his Ellsworth Maine mechanics shop is brimming
with every vehicle imaginable–from Subaru’s and Toyota’s to diesel
ambulances, boxy Volvo wagons and Pantera’s, Brett works on them all.  The
family also runs a successful stock car race team, with dad Bob considered
somewhat of a chassis and engine legend in New England racing circles, while
son Wyatt campaigns two Chevy-powered race cars in the northeast as well as
in North Carolina and other states.     

Yet Brett’s first car was a 1966 Bronco, a California model that rode a Navy
Transport Downeast to its second owner, with Brett acquiring the 2-door
truck while still in high school. Now wearing a certain orange patina that
reveals many rough Maine winters, this Bronco is currently Bob’s hunting
vehicle and ‘project’ car.

The silver ’66 shown here is a restored/resto-mod interpretation of an
original Bronco, featuring a 5-inch lift, 37-inch tires, fiberglass panels,
and only a Bimini soft top. With the family for roughly 20-years, Wyatt
received this small-block, Chevy-powered Ford for his high school graduation

It is shocking to see how close the new Bronco is to the original in design
emphasis, stance, and overall appeal–which is clearly evident when looking
at the two trucks side-by-side. Hence, the excitement in the marketplace as
owners are craving to get a taste of this latest off-roader.

With a new Sasquatch model available to sample courtesy of Ford, plus wife
Jenn’s new four-door Bronco just arriving after a nine-month wait, the
Alexander’s dooryard apparently has more Bronco’s in inventory than any Ford

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