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New England Motor Press Association Announces 2020 Winter Vehicle and Ragtop Awards

Middleborough, Mass., June 5, 2020 —The New England Motor Press Association today announced the organization’s annual NEMPA Winter Vehicle and Ragtop Awards. NEMPA President, John Paul presents the awards at the 2019 NEMPA Annual Awards Dinner “NEMPA members live in unique weather and road conditions unlike any other market in the country,” said NEMPA President […]

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2020 Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon

It’s Just A Little Thing, But…

—Silvio Calabi This umpteenth generation of the Wrangler traces its ancestry back to the early 1940s, when the US Army’s “light reconnaissance vehicle”—the jeep—became one of the Allies’ most valuable weapons of war. Any GI of that day would recognize the silhouette and grille of the Wrangler of today, but he would be gobsmacked by […]

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How Much Will The Coronavirus Stunt EV Sales?

By: Tim Plouff For close to a decade, the bureaucrats and transportation optimists have been forecasting the arrival of the electric car as a mainstream vehicle for every consumer market.Despite generous tax incentives and more media exposure than any automaker could ever pay for, EV sales in America have yet to hit projections, let alone […]

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What’s New in Pickup Trucks

By: Silvio Calabi You know how when you want to get something out of the back of a pickup truck, it’s always up there by the cab? So you have to climb up into the bed because you can’t reach over the side? Look at the step in the side of this new GMC: But […]

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Numbers Matter:Winners and Losers—2019 Sales Data

By: Tim Plouff  Numbers matter. They provide context, reveal trends, and give a true accounting of events. For automakers, the sales numbers tell us what products consumers are embracing—and the consumer is the ultimate arbiter of success, not the critics or the spin doctors. Successful sales provide income, income equals more products, more sales, and […]

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