December 2011 President’s Letter

Season’s Greetings-

Yes, December is here, and this means our annual Holiday Party is literally just around the corner-on Tuesday, December 13, at the Boston Globe. Santa, aka Bugsy Lawlor, has promised plenty of entertainment.

Fair warning to those of you new to the party: You may be conscripted into an elf costume. This annual tradition is my incentive to maintain an unhealthy BMI because there ain’t no getup in John’s bag of tricks that fits me (and we know he won’t part with the Santa Claus rig).

Speaking of winter (well, I wasn’t really), our earmuffs are doffed to those manufacturers who have sent vehicles early and in quantity for NEMPA’s annual Winter Vehicle competition.

The secret to the Winter Vehicle awards is simple: Submit the models that you want us to consider. We don’t need seven of each – two go a long way. Duration is important, too. You’re not likely to win if you send a vehicle in late January and take it away again in the first week of February. The more of us who can drive your car (pickup, SUV), the better.

Last year we distributed an information sheet about the Winter Awards, and had record participation and a very healthy competition. The info sheet has been updated for 2012 and is attached here. Please take note, and then call John Lawlor.

Other business: The media kickoff for the New England International Auto Show will be on January 12. Yes, it’s close to the Detroit show, but Boston is well attended and now takes place over a holiday weekend. Jennifer Plant at Paragon Expo (800-258-8912, Ext. 105, [email protected]) will set up a time for your presentation. This doesn’t have to be elaborate, but we welcome the opportunity to speak to your executives in an environment that’s less hectic than the show floor.

NEMPA will also host a dinner the night before the show, January 11, at the Globe for whoever’s in town.

As always, thank you for working with NEMPA. Projections are that 2013 will be an even better year for the automotive industry. We’re here to help you in future successes.

Happy holidays,

Keith Griffin
NEMPA President

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