Summer 2011 President’s Letter

It’s summer and most of you don’t want to read a bunch of verbiage but there are many things to cover in our August president’s letter.

Ezra Moves

As some of you know by now, NEMPA President Ezra Dyer has left New England. There’s no truth to the rumor that his move and Whitey Bulger’s arrest are connected. That’s speculation best left for another day.
I want to thank Ezra for maintaining NEMPA’s high profile. He worked endlessly to help all NEMPA media members do their jobs by getting us the tools of our trade: vehicles to review. We look forward to seeing him when he visits.
By virtue of Whitey Jr., I mean Ezra’s, departure, I move up to fill his position. I’ve asked AAA’s John Paul, who has held about every position in NEMPA, and has been a member since almost the beginning, to be vice president to smooth the transition. He is a font of knowledge about NEMPA, automobiles and New England in general. Ask him for help and his stock answer is, “I think I know a guy …” and he always does.

The Ragtop Ramble
Thanks again to everybody who made the Ragtop Ramble/Crustacean Crawl a success. The new boat for the dinner cruise was perfect. The route, revamped back to its original roots, worked well for timing (i.e. people being able to actually eat lobsters before departing), and we once again had fantastic weather. Our sponsors have already been thanked at the event and I want to add my thanks again to John Lawlor and the Automotion crew. As I’ve heard repeatedly, the Ragtop is one of the best automotive press events in the country. Thanks to everybody who makes that possible.

Dan Johnston
One person missing this year from the event was everybody’s favorite Volvo PR rep – Dan Johnston. Well, as some of you know, Dan is leaving Volvo. I’ll let Dan speak for himself:
“Just wanted to let everyone at NEMPA know that I’m leaving Volvo at the end of August. It’s time for someone else to have as much fun doing this job, and to become friends with so many good people.
“I’ve been thinking about this for over a year and have always found reasons to stay-the next event, next project, just one more thing with safety-but in the end it was my decision and a tough one. Today I handed over an EV project I’ve been working on, and, well, I had a lump in my throat for the better part of this morning.
“I’ve enjoyed your NEMPA events, dinner with interesting people from MIT, stuff like that only happens to very few people. Thanks to all.
Dan was one of the good guys in this industry. I offer him a digital pat on the back and heartfelt thanks for all he has done to support NEMPA.

Coming Up
Well, according to research by Silvio Calabi, NEMPA was founded in 1987. Sounds good to me because that makes 2012 our Silver Anniversary year. Great things are brewing in my mind to celebrate the milestone. I’ll keep you posted as they come to fruition. I want to make this a memorable year.

Dates to Remember

Aug 9 – Media only meeting at NEMPA clubhouse
Sept. 13 – No regular meeting. Instead, Nissan presentation at Museum of Transportation
Sept. 21/22 – IMPA Test Days at Monticello: a great new venue
Oct. 10 – Shell Oil at the Boston Globe.
Nov. 8 – Speaker to be announced.
Dec. 13 – NEMPA Holiday Party at the Boston Globe: start thinking of gifts for the grab bag and put some money aside for the Globe Santa Fund.

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