Porsche Boxster Spyder comes for dinner

Porsche recently returned to the New England Motor Press after an extended absence. Five Boxsters were brought to an informational dinner, and a healthy member turnout made the evening worthwhile for both Porsche and our membership. George Kennedy of WheelsTV graciously took the time to chronicle the event for us:

NEMPA Porsche Boxster Spyder Event

George Kennedy – 6/18/10

Recently, NEMPA members were treated to automotive wares old and new. The historic automobiles at the Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation set the stage for some face time with the latest Porsche Boxsters. The stone and mortar structure is a masterpiece and a spectacular location, and members turned out for some driving, an informative presentation and delicious dinner.

Approaching the museum, members were greeted by the sight of not one, but five Porsches – four all-new 2011 Boxster Spyders, and a Boxster S. Keys were handed out, and off we went prowling the picturesque neighborhoods of Brookline. A mix of curvy roads that open up into greater thoroughfares provided plenty of opportunity to sample the dynamic charms the Boxster has to offer.

Porsche is leaving a Boxster S and Boxster Spyder in our fleet, too, so it’s not just a one-night stand. Following our driving time, we were treated to an extensive walk around by Porsche Product Communications Manager Dave Engelman. He took us through the various weight saving measures taken by Porsche to bring the Boxster Spyder down to its svelte 2,811-lb curb weight. Following the plethora of information, Dave opened things up for a little Q and A. Ezra Dyer poked and prodded, conceiving yet another bewilderingly creative experiment/test of a loaner in his head at that very moment, and the rest of the group fired a volley of well-considered questions, as well.

Curiosity sated, we sat down to dinner, continuing to talk Porsche. As the evening wound down, the sky started to clear, making for perfect magic-hour photographs. In all NEMPA members got a lot out of several hours of face time with these cars. The cars left in the fleet will make the rounds to members for the usual high-standard of multiple-outlet coverage our members are known for, too.

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