February 2015 President’s Letter


Greetings from sunny Florida!

Just kidding, I’m buried under at least 19 feet of snow just like you. It’s a perfect — PERFECT — time to evaluate winter cars as part of our Official Winter Vehicle of New England judging, held on February 14.

Now I know, it’s Valentine’s Day. They say “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” though, so this is a perfect time to test the theory.

Your significant other won’t miss you sitting on the couch in your sweatpants for a few hours.

Keep in mind, the judging is for members only. Sorry PR Friends, this is the one event a year where we keep it in the family.

A few of you have also asked me about setting up blogs, too, so I’ll have my laptop with me and we can get you up and running in a few minutes.

If you didn’t get Lisa’s email earlier, don’t forget that our friends at Nissan will be presenting vehicles at the Automotion Garage on February 26.

And finally, I pass along this bit of interesting information from the UK’s CC Group, which released a study for UK brands on how to deal with the media in the USA.

The key piece of information? “Typical levels of influencer cynicism vary greatly across the U.S., but are at peak levels in New England where media skepticism is rated by local PR professionals as 10 out of 10. In this region, reporters typically distrust PR efforts and ‘border on cranky.’”

Clearly, they’ve spent time with us.

Have a great February and see you on the 14th.

-Craig Fitzgerald

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